We accept payment through PayPal, Master Card, Visa, and Discover through the website. Custom Orders will
have an invoice emailed to them through PayPal, and can be paid either using a PayPal account
or any credit card. We also accept checks, money orders, or cash. We are *NOT* responsible for
lost or stolen payment sent through the mail. Shipments will be held until checks clear.



We offer $6.50 flat rate shipping through USPS for slings, and discounted shipping for small parts. If your order needs to be shipped using a
different service, please contact us before placing your order. International shipping is dependent on country, but usually runs approximately


All of our slings are made to last. If your sling fails, please let us know, and we will fix it at no cost.
If you ever need to use one of our slings in a survival situation, let us know and we will replace
your sling for free.

** PLEASE NOTE** We will NOT warranty customer supplied hardware. We will warranty the
paracord section if any issues arise.



We will accept returns on any standard sling within 14 days. For any specialty or custom sling
we will refund up to 25-75% of the price, depending on style, cost of parts, and time invested
in the sling. If for any reason a sling does not work for you, we will work with you to correct
the item, including custom slings, to meet your needs.

As of 3/16/14, we will be sending refunds via check in most cases. For orders placed and later
amended for MIL/LEO or other discounts, the difference will be paid by check and shipped with
your order. We don’t like to have to do this, but due to credit card processing fees this is
the most efficient way to go about it.

As of 9/7/2014, we will be charging a 30% “Remake fee” on any orders that are placed incorrectly.
We have had a large increase in slings needing to be remade due to wrong connection types. Each sling
takes 1-2 hours to make, and with our current sales volume it has become a major burden. If you have any
questions PLEASE contact us and we will be glad to help out.


How to choose your weave type:

This weave is a little wider and more flexible than the other weaves. It is
about 1.5” wide. Its extra width and flexibility allow it to sit comfortably on your shoulder. It also
has the longest single strand of paracord in case you ever need to use it in a survival situation.

Double Cobra:
This weave is 1.25-1.5” wide. This weave gives the sling a bit more character
than the Standard, but still has the advantage of lying flat on your shoulder. You do not see
many slings with this type of weave, making your sling stand out a bit among others.

King Cobra:
This weave is 1,25-1.5” wide. Because of the many core strands, this weave is a
bit more rounded, but it is still quite comfortable. It is one of the more popular weaves out
there, and looks great when made with contrasting colors.


Choosing the right sling for your rifle/needs

This is a highly subjective choice, that will vary greatly on your rifle type, and intentions of use.

Many “tactical” style shooters, mainly people doing SD training, 3 gun, or just run and gun
shooting, a single point or convertible single point works great for AR style rifles, or any other
that has a sling mount point near the pistol grip, and have a relatively short barrel. For people
using the rifles with more traditional sling points, a standard two point sling works great. We
highly suggest something in the 50-55 inch range, preferably adjustable with a “Israeli” carry
method (hung low on the chest in front of the body).

For larger, heavy rifles like the M1A, FN FAL, Garands and similar, we offer an extra wide sling
that comes in right around 2” wide. The extra width helps take some of the felt weight off the
shoulder, making it less of a chore to carry around. This also works great for hunting / survival
rifles, that were a shorter sling with more paracord could come in handy in an emergency

For Freehand distance shooters, or hunting, we offer the marksman style sling. This combines
a solid carry strap, with a smaller loop that forms a quick “hasty” sling shooting position to lock
your elbow into a more stable position.

For any specialty designs you are interested in, feel free to email us and we can design something
specifically for your needs.